A frosty act of kindness at Sick Kids Hospital

SLuca_icecreamtubIt’s always nice to see an act of kindness, it can lift people like nothing else and provide a wave of optimism stretching out in all directions.

Let me push the wave further by telling you that S.Luca Ice Cream sent a van load of creamy yumminess to Edinburgh’s Sick Kids Hospital today, enough for every child plus their visitors too. The famous Ice Cream creator has parlours in Musselburgh and Morningside, and apparently a member of their family was in Sick Kids recently and as a thank you a delivery of thousands of wee tubs of ice cream were sent to Edinburgh’s poorly kids this afternoon.


I was there with my boy who some of you will know, has haemophilia so is a regular to the hospital. So thank you to the S. Luca Ice Cream team, not only for the after lunch treat (which Sketcher twin 1 absolutely loved) but also for reminding us that acts of kindness are all around us. Have a good weekend Edinburgh.


S. Luca Ice Cream website



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