Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital closes its doors

With a move across town to join the Royal Infirmary in Little France this week everyone said good bye to their iconic building by the Meadows.

As many of you know my boy has Haemophilia and he was in and out of hospital as a baby and small child and like many families the big red building on the edge of the park holds a huge amount of emotion to Mrs Sketcher and I.

The big beautiful Victorian building is home to a world of wonder, magic and the amazing. The people who work there make wonderful things happen, and deal with heartbreak and tragedy as well as such moments of happiness and miracles every day.

One of my first sketches of the hospital, ten years ago.

For those who have had to hand over their child and trust in the people within to help there is a bond that connects you. The hospital is a place you don’t necessarily think about until you have to and then it can take over your whole world. And then once away from that situation you can forget how intense the time was, and how wonderful the people within are.

So I say a huge thank you to all those who have worked and helped out within those walls between Sciennes Road and the Meadows. And all the very best to you in your brand new hospital, and all those patients and families who will be helped in the future.

From 8am on Tuesday 23 March, all patients and any child or young person requiring access to A&E, must go to the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People at Little France

Another from 10 years ago, this one is the back entrance.

My sketch of Olly the Octopus is now available as a limited print to raise money for the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity. 50 signed and mounted prints are for sale at £20 each including UK postage. £10 from each print will go to the charity.

Buy a print here.

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