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Skyline changing at Sick Kids

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A quick drive by sketch to see how the old children’s hospital is changing.

A place my family and I knew so well is changing forever and although I know the new hospital is doing a fantastic job I will always look back on the hospital by the meadows with fondness.

This is Sylvan Place where the A&E entrance was and where I rushed through a few times past the parked ambulance and a blur of parents and doctors. Distant memories now thankfully, and scene replaced with cranes and construction workers!

New Hospital, new name

Today I was visiting the great team at Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, now in their new location at Little France.

I have fond and emotional memories of the old Sick Kids hospital as many of you will know. My boy James has Haemophilia and was in and out of the old hospital by the Meadows many many times as a wee one. I have sketched the beautiful Victorian building many times in the past.

But now we have a brand new children’s hospital to visit, thankfully for us not so often now, but along with the new location there is a new name.

And so instead of visiting ‘The Sick Kids’ as many would have known the old building, I was today visiting and sketching the also beautiful and very striking ‘Royal Hospital for Children & Young People’.

The morning

The morning in the Western General Hospital is stretching out in front of me. As I gaze out at the heavy rain outside the window, I wonder what tests and checks I have in store today.
Mainly bloody ones it turns out, umpteen tubes filed via various puncture wounds.
And then good news, levels are good and new medication is started. And after a little blood given back I may get home for the weekend.
Fingers crossed.