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A trip down memory lane, to the Ness shop on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Ness_RoyalMileTime for a look back to November 2011, and one of my first sketches as Edinburgh Sketcher.

Five years ago I worked at the bottom of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and would spend spare moments wandering up and down the famous high street, taking in the wonderful multicultural sights and sounds as the city came to life with , talented street performers and proud locals telling tales of Edinburghs history.

Inspired by the sights and sounds I began sketching my surroundings and this website, and ultimately, and thankfully my current employment ‘Edinburgh Sketcher’ was created.

This sketch shows the colour and architecture of that famous centuries-old street, and remains one of my favourites to this day.

‘Ness’ are creators of modern womens wear and accessories. Find out more about them at the link below.

This sketch was created firstly in pencil (see pencil sketch HERE) and then inked in with pen and watercolour later. 

The Ness Shop website

My original post for this sketch