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WhereArtI Edinburgh : 22nd January

ESWAI220118Where in Edinburgh have I sketched in this weeks WhereArtI?

This week I am looking for the street name, if you know then click the link below to email me your answer. I will pick a random winner from all those correct on Tuesday, who will go into the monthly draw to win a prize.

The prize for January is two tickets to the Scottish Fan Festival on Sunday 11th February and the stunning Signet Library in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town.

Find out more about this brand new festival celebrating all things Scottish by clicking on the link below.

Click HERE to enter your answer

Usually the answer will be within the Edinburgh boundaries, but on the first Monday of the month the competition is Scotland wide. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feeds for clues if they are needed.

I hope you join us to play along and keep looking up and noticing the beauty in the details, you never know where I will be sketching next time!

Enter via the link above or email contact@www.edinburghsketcher.com with the subject line ‘WhereArtI 22nd January 2018’.

Edinburgh Sketcher online store.

Scottish Fan Festival website.

A post box sketch

Postbox2013This is a busy time for post boxes as the nation takes to snail mail to send there greetings cards and parcels in the run up to Christmas.


Today is the first of the ‘last recommended posting dates for UK letters and parcels’ before Christmas. Now is also the only time of year I would stand in line outside a post office.


While I waited for it to open this morning, first in a steadily growing queue on St Mary’s Street, I used my time wisely and sketched the post box outside.


The GR near the base dates this box as being erected within the time of King George V, 1910-1936. The G stands for George and the R for Rex, which is King in Latin. If you were wondering.


More final dates for UK letters and parcels:

Wed 18th Dec – 2nd class

Fri 20th Dec – 1st class

Mon 23rd Dec – Special delivery guaranteed



  • Post office website


It had to be Hoy

GoldenPostboxWEBI wandered up the Royal Mile this lunch time, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the busy, visitor filled cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town. I was looking around for some inspiration, something to catch my eye and scribble down in my sketch pad.

And then I saw it, obvious really considering the great man is in all the papers today, having just retired from competitive cycling.  Sir Chris Hoy’s second golden postbox, gleaming in the midday sunshine in the centre of Hunter Square. His other golden postbox is located on the corner of Hanover Street and Princes Street. Both in recognition of his gold medals at last years London Olympic Games.

A true legend Sir Chris has inspired a generation, may his two postboxes stay golden for many a year to come.