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A very wet day in the capital, perfect weather for a new umbrella

ScottMonument BrollyThe rain hasn’t stopped pouring down today in Edinburgh, and thoughts go to a Scottish must have: The brolly.

Together with wallpaper and lampshades I have always thought my black line art work would look great on an umbrella, especially with the artwork showing through to the inside, and what better a shape to fit on each panel but the Scott Monument on Princes Street.

What do you think, should I go into production?

Edinburgh’s Christmas, looking splendid

Mound_ChristmasThe weather outside may be frightful but there are beautiful glimpses of the capital at Christmas around every corner.

Yesterday was mixed weather wise to say the least. As I walked from west to south and then east before back to the west I was soaked, shone on and treated to some amazing dark skies with strong sun lit architecture making for stunning views of Edinburgh in the winter.


I kept stopping, unable to pass before I had either sketched, or snapped a wee photo to sketch from later. This view is from the bottom of the Mound looking across the square in front of the National Gallery towards Princes Street and the Scott Monument.


I’m a big fan of Edinburgh’s Christmas make over and love the views that combine those permanent city monuments and buildings with those features that are here for a just short period of time. Have a great weekend everyone and Merry Christmas.


Edinburgh’s Christmas website.


Edinburgh’s Christmas big launch


Final preparations were being made to Edinburgh’s Christmas festivities when I passed by earlier today.

The Christmas markets, rides and other festive attractions open at 5pm tonight across the city centre and crowds were being to gather on Princes Street as I doodled.


The sketch shows the star gazer ride, this year situated right next to the Scott Monument and overlooking the ice rink below. Will you be brave enough to take to the skies tonight?


Personally I’m looking forward to the mulled wine and trying not to fall over on the ice rink. Oh yes, Christmas has arrived in Edinburgh.

A wee Scott Monument moment…

ScottMonumentThe Scott Monument in Edinburgh’s city centre, looking splendid as ever in the spring sunshine.


A passing sketch of the stunning Scott Monument for you today.  The Victorian Gothic structure stands in Princes Street Gardens as a monument to author Sir Walter Scott.

A statue of the writer and his dog, stands underneath the tower, which is the largest monument for any writer anywhere in the world. Look out for them next time you are in town and climb the 287 steps to the top and you will enjoy an breath taking views of the city.




  • The Scott Monument (via Edinburgh Museums)



Edinburgh at Christmas

EdinburghChristmasLast week I published my first sketch video, this week the sketch and 150 limited prints are available to buy.


From the Barron Suite on The Scotsman Hotel’s seventh floor I had a superb view of Edinburgh’s Christmas festivities on Princes Street, from the Big Wheel on the left to the new for 2013 Star Flyer on the right, and standing central the Scott Monument.


Shrieks of laughter and screams of joy could be heard floating over the Waverley Station, as darkness fell and the hundreds of lights from various rides and attractions shone bright.


The original ink sketch with watercolour wash measures 297x210mm, roughly 11x8inches and is for sale for £150. Prints will be limited to 150 high quality giclee prints on heavy fine art paper, and are £25 each. Click HERE to order or have a look through the Shop above.


View from the bridge

NorthBridgeView1Tonight’s sketch is actually from a couple of days ago. I was waiting for the number 8 bus home and had a few minutes to wait, not enough to sketch but too many to waste.

So I thought I’d start a sketch, one that should grow into a view from the North Bridge, across the Waverley train station to Princes Street.

So day one and a few minutes into the sketch you can see the Scott monument. Day 2 will be the next time I’m waiting for the bus home, and have a few minutes to spare.