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A swirling snow storm envelopes the city

Granton Squares in the SnowAs Edinburgh is covered in a snow storm I am stuck inside trying to capture the swirling white tornados across the street.

This area across the road is known as ‘the squares’ although you wouldn’t know that right now as the paving squares are covered in snow. It’s hard to capture a scene when most of it looks to be white but concentrating on the subtle colours can bring out beauty in every view. Watercolours are perfect for that.

Be safe out there Edinburgh and don’t travel unless completely necessary.

Traffic Scotland website, check here before traveling during the snow storm in Edinburgh


A trip to town, sketchbook in hand

Costa George Street interior copy Yesterday I had a couple of meetings in town and drew from the bus ride into Edinburgh and a lunch break in a beautiful George Street building.

Following on from my previous post about spontaneous sketching I thought draw from my journey on the bus, and with what I had to hand: a pencil and small note book. Sketching on the bus is always a challenge, the constantly changing view, people getting off and on etc.

OnTheBus pencil sketch

But on this occasion thanks to the construction site on Leith Street the number 14 bus was redirected along London Road, which gave me extra time to finish my scribble, below.

Between my first and second meetings I had lunch in Costa on George Street which is well worth a visit to see the wonderful ceiling dome at the back of the store. I believe this was converted from offices but if you know more about the history of this building then do let me know.

The top drawing was sketched in black fineliner and a little watercolour as I sipped my hot chocolate.