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Spectacular Sunrises

This week has turned cold in the city, we have had snow and sleet as well as the occasional clear sunny day.

If you were up to see the sunrise you would of also seen some very colourful, but fleeting sunrises. This one on Tuesday I think covered the sky in deep oranges and bright yellows. I had to quickly sketch with my watercolours while eating my cornflakes.

I am glad I did though as ten minutes later it was a dull and grey day 🙂

Sunrise over Edinburgh

There was a beautiful sunrise over Edinburgh this morning, this view is from my bedroom window looking South over the rooftops. The silhouette of Arthurs Seat and the Crags can be seen in the distance.

With no time to sketch when I woke, I took a snap from my camera and sketched this black ink and watercolour view from the number 8 bus into town.

A little shaky but a great use of my time. The bus is quickly becoming my new office 🙂