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Christmas is building, in Princes Street Gardens

Princes St Gardens building ChristmasThis morning whilst walking from the old to new town I noticed Princes Street Gardens is once again busy becoming a Christmas Wonderland.

On a rainy day in Edinburgh with the leaves still changing from green to orange to red is it perhaps hard to imagine the city in it’s Christmas guise, but the season will soon be here.

If you are in town during the next few days you will notice the transformation taking place ahead of the grand opening on the 17th November. Find out more about all the shows and attractions on over the festive period via the link below.

Edinburgh’s Christmas website

Christmas building 2017 Black

Happy Sketcher Twin, watching diggers in Edinburgh

JamesDiggersIt’s holiday time for the wee ones and as Mrs Sketcher and I juggle our four year old twins this afternoon I took them to the shops.

The sun was surprisingly out this afternoon and as the kids and I didn’t want to head indoors we hovered near the entrance to the St James Centre on Little King Street. Sketcher Twin 1 was happy watching the workers digging up the road outside John Lewis, even following the wee tipper up the road with its full load of rubble.


He could of watched all afternoon but Sketcher Twin 2 was restless and ready to head indoors to Tiger Tiger for paper and crayons 🙂