Skyline changing at Sick Kids

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A quick drive by sketch to see how the old children’s hospital is changing.

A place my family and I knew so well is changing forever and although I know the new hospital is doing a fantastic job I will always look back on the hospital by the meadows with fondness.

This is Sylvan Place where the A&E entrance was and where I rushed through a few times past the parked ambulance and a blur of parents and doctors. Distant memories now thankfully, and scene replaced with cranes and construction workers!

2 thoughts on “Skyline changing at Sick Kids”

  1. Hi Hugh, thanks for getting in touch and I’ll email you later today with some details. Mark

  2. Hi,
    I’m an Edinburgh roofer and am looking for a scetch of a roof that we are doing some work on for posterity.
    Would this be something that you might be able to help out with?
    Hugh (Von Hof roofing)

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