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Let me capture your day in watercolour artworks

I can’t actually remember my first wedding sketcher job, people often ask how I got started and I really can’t think how the transition from street artist to wedding artist took place but I am so glad it did.

I have been live drawing at Edinburgh events for over ten years so it is not that big a leap, I started out sketching festival shows in the summer months and became fast at capturing a small glimpse, a memory of an event without the all details. I hope to spark a feeling with my artworks, an emotion and a memory from a once in a life time moment.

A wedding day can be filled with pressure, there is only once chance to get it right and I always feel the anxiety until I have my first drawing complete. I start with an outline sketch of the ceremony space which I return to once the guests and wedding party have taken their seats.

Carberry Tower in Musselburgh on Thursday afternoon

I like to draw the venue and have been to some amazing castles and grand highland houses as MyWeddingSketcher and always surprised by how many gorgeous buildings are hidden away around the country, like Carberry Tower (above) which I visited this week which is just outside Edinburgh in Musselburgh.

I usually create around ten watercolours that I can then scan and turn into a lovely coffee table style book for the married couple. But recently I have been combining this with favour sketching where I create little watercolour sketches of couples in their beautiful outfits. After seeing how wonderful guests look at weddings in colourful kilts and flowery flowing dresses it seemed perfect to capture that special day feeling with a little watercolour sketch.

It also makes for a great interactive experience as guests come over to find their sketch and look through the others recognising friends and family. It is a long day and I am sketched out by the end but I am already looking forward to the next one. MK

Watercolour favors of your guests who can take them home at the end of the evening

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Here are some more wedding day sketches from recent happy days.Let me know if you would like more details about the various packages I currently offer.

Wedding SketchersWedding SketchersWedding Sketchers
Wedding SketchersWedding SketchersWedding Sketchers
Wedding SketchersWedding SketchersWedding Sketchers
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