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New wooden postcards

Samples are coming, but which to put in the shop?

I’ve been so busy with weddings recently that my Edinburgh sketching has been pretty none existent. Although I have been working on these new designs for wooden postcards which I have just sent to have samples made from.

I love the feel of a wooden postcard, the strength and durability as well as the tactile nature of holding a piece of wood all appeals to me. And so I have been keen on adding to my current couple of cards I sell in town.

I have ordered a sample run of one of each design but need to narrow the list down from 8 to 4 as I need to buy in large numbers to make it profitable. I just can’t decide which ones to go with, which is your favourite?

Art to the rescue

I needed a little art therapy this morning after a hard weekend

A little distraction for an hour or so helps and drawing has given me that plenty of times over the years.

I drove along to Newhaven after the school drop off but although the sun is strong the air is still cold here in Edinburgh so I drew the view from my car.

It didn’t really matter the subject although I do like the shadow this van makes 😊

Take care, have a good day. ES

Winters Sun over Arthurs Seat

Sun over Arthurs Seat from Newhaven Road, Edinburgh

I do love the low lying sun at this time of year, for the shiny sandstone and the long shadows, and also the silhouetted buildings which I spotted on my morning drive this week.

This view is looking across Ferry Road from Newhaven Road. Looking towards the city and Holyrood Park in the distance. I had to pull over and sketch from my warm car.

The dark buildings and trees at first merge into one but then the more you look you see the different levels into the distance. The notes of a bus stop and some car lights become visible and hopefully I have captured that feeling of hidden in plain sight.

Drawn in with an ink fine liner and then a little watercolour wash over the top.

Queuing for the chippy

I love this view through a walkway tunnel towards Newhaven Harbour and in the far distance the iron gas works structure in Granton.

I was down by the harbour the other night for a walk around and noticed this view of the silhouetted queue for The Fishmarket chippy just around the corner.

I admit I didn’t wait in line this time but the aromas coming from the restaurant were very tempting. I will return soon for some chips on the shore 🙂

The Fishmarket restaurant and take away

A friendly welcome at the ever popular Haven Cafe in Newhaven

TheHavenCafe insideMy favourite cafe in Edinburgh and coincidentally one of the first locations to show my work!

This week I popped in to The Haven Cafe which is situated opposite the Chancelot Mill at 9 Anchorfield,
Edinburgh to restock my wall of sketches and grab a gluten free bacon buttie and mug of tea.

The Haven serves the best breakfast in Edinburgh and their relaxed atmosphere, vintage decor and superb home style baking makes this Newhaven landmark a favourite pit stop of mine.

Since 2011 the Havenettes have been serving fine food to the people of Edinburgh and almost as long had a gallery of Edinburgh Sketcher prints for sale on their wall.

Pop in for a bite to eat and check out my seaside inspired wall of sketches, all framed and available to buy off the wall.

Sketch made on location in fineliner and watercolour. 

The Haven Cafe online.



Newhaven Harbour in glorious sunshine.

NewHaven_HarbourI’m lucky enough to live close to Newhaven Harbour and love listening to the tinkling boat masts and seagulls circling above.

I drive past the lighthouse (built 1869) often and yesterday did so with thankfully some time to sketch. I could sit for hours listening to the rocking boats in the small harbour, looking out through the narrow ‘gateway’ to Fife, I find it very relaxing. Add in come watercolurs and a blank canvas and I’m in heaven!


I painted this sketch with black ink and watercolour whilst sitting on the large stone steps between the harbour and road.


The original sketch is now sold but you can order a high quality mounted print from my online shop HERE.