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New wooden postcards

Samples are coming, but which to put in the shop?

I’ve been so busy with weddings recently that my Edinburgh sketching has been pretty none existent. Although I have been working on these new designs for wooden postcards which I have just sent to have samples made from.

I love the feel of a wooden postcard, the strength and durability as well as the tactile nature of holding a piece of wood all appeals to me. And so I have been keen on adding to my current couple of cards I sell in town.

I have ordered a sample run of one of each design but need to narrow the list down from 8 to 4 as I need to buy in large numbers to make it profitable. I just can’t decide which ones to go with, which is your favourite?

West Bow leading up from the Grassmarket to Victoria Street.

One of Edinburgh’s most photographed streets and a must see part of the city’s beautiful old town.

This morning I was in town dropping off the first of my Christmas card deliveries to shops on the Royal Mile, and so I had a wander around the old town.

Last week I photographed Victoria Street in the hope of using the photos to sketch from in the comfort of my studio. But there is no comparison for me in sketching from a photo to sketching on location, the angles, colours and overall feel of the sketch is much more alive when drawn right there in the moment.

And so I started to scribble away from the police box on the corner of West Bow and the Grassmarket.

Its always great to meet people passing by when sketching on location too, a colourful mixture of locals, tourists often come up to see what I am doing and say hello. It always adds a little something special to the sketch and my memory of making it, so thanks for that those I met today!

Today’s sketch was drawn with a 0.4 fine liner and a waterbrush, in an A5 sketchpad. 


Edinburgh screen printed 100% cotton bags

On 20th October a 5 pence tax on all shopping bags came into force in Scotland. Perfect time to invest in an Edinburgh Sketcher cotton bag.


Afternoon Edinburgh, I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, albeit with a cold wind too. Here are my latest additions to my online shop. 100% cotton bags screen printed with two EdinburghSketcher designs.


The first is a cropped version of The Shore illustration with the title ‘Leith’, screen printed in black and blue ink. I love that the blue ink is called ‘Deacon Blue’. The other design is a cropped version of the popular Victoria Street sketch, in back and purple ink. With the simple ‘Victoria St.’ beneath.


You can now buy both UK made cotton bags from my shop for £9.50 each plus £2 pnp. They will soon be available around the capital so look out for them on the streets of Edinburgh. They fold up very small, perfect to fit into your hand bag or back pack, ensuring you won’t be caught out next time you get to the till!


Below are the original sketches and links to the corresponding posts.



Victoria Street, Edinburgh

VictoriaStreetVictoria Street, so iconic to Edinburgh. Its cobbles, curved lines, wee galleries and eateries making it a must see place and a favourite picture postcard to send home for many a visitor.

I have been meaning to draw the street for a while but couldn’t decide which angle, the view down from the top is just as stunning. I sketched a lose view from the top a couple of years ago, the link is below so you can see. The busy thoroughfare runs down from the George IV Bridge to the Grassmarket and is the main route from The Royal Mile to the historic market square.


I’m thinking of making this sketch the second in my wrap around cushion series. Here is a mock up of what it would look like, what do you think? Follow the link below to see my previous cushion ‘The Shore’.


Prints are available from £18 HERE, get in touch at contact@www.edinburghsketcher.com for more information about the cushions.



Victoria Street

Looking down from the walkway above Victoria Street you get a great view of the way the narrow street curves down from George IV Bridge to cobbled square of the Grassmarket. The brightly painted restaurants, pubs and shops make up a postcard image of Edinburgh’s old town. One sadly my mono sketch doesn’t do justice to.

The street was busy with tourists and awash with sunshine this afternoon.  I think I may of burnt my arm sketching this one 😉